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контрольная Контрольная работа для 4 класса

Form 4                                         MIDTERM TEST

I. Open the brackets:

1. Listen! Kate (to play) the piano.

2. Mary (to wash up) fifteen minutes ago.

3. Next year Tom (to go) to his granny.

4. She is a teacher. She (to teach) Maths to students.

5. It often (to rain) in autumn.

6. They never (to wear) coats.

7. They (to visit) the museum last year.

II. Complete the questions:

1. Mike is never late for school, ...?

2. They will join the Dancing Club,...?

3. The Jacksons didn’t go to Big Mountains,...?

4. Do you do your homework in the study or ...?

5. Is there a fridge in the hall or ...?

III. Choose the correct preposition: by, at, for, of, on, to.

1. Never shout ...old  people.

2. Pupils must learn the rule ...heart.

3.There is an apple garden in front ...the house.

4.Rosa Rymbayeva is famous ...her songs.

5.When did it happen ...him?

6.Pupils in Kazakhstan go to school ...the first of September.

IV. Fill in the gaps using the structure “to be going to”.

1. They____ (to play) football in the afternoon.

2. I ________ (to wear) a lovely dress tonight.

V. Choose the right variant:

1.He’s got many coloured...in the box.

a) pencils             b)class     c)uniform

2.We have P.E.and History on the...today.

a)Art                    b)timetable    c)lesson

3.Don’t be ...for school!

a) study        b)late          c)blackboard

4.I like to play different games...

a)easy    b)age     c)outdoors

5.This work will be very...

a)important   b)subject    c)spend

6.We lock the door with the ...

a)hall      b)curtain   c)key

7.There is often a ...in an English house.

a)flat    b)fireplace   c)downstairs

8.East or West,...

a)makes a good ending   b)like home   c)home is best

9.They would like to live a ...life in the country.

a)quite  b)quiet   c)middle

10.What a ...song!

a)lovely   b)mirror   c)afraid

VI. Read and guess what it is:

1.      a thing where we keep our clothes;

2.      a thing that we can see our faces in;

3.      a thing in the kitchen to cook our food;

4.      a thing in the kitchen where we can wash up.

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